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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Film Production Van

At Robo, our journey in specialty production, particularly in the realm of drones, began with a vision that continues to guide us today. We’ve always harbored the dream of having a versatile vehicle capable of transporting our crews and equipment to wherever adventure beckons. In 2021, we transformed that dream into reality by introducing our 4X4 Mercedes Sprinter to the world.

Since its debut, we’ve diligently transformed this Sprinter into a multipurpose marvel—a mobile command center for our operations

and an RV that offers comfortable living for days or weeks on end. The beauty of our van lies in its complete modularity, allowing us to configure it in various ways to suit the demands of any project. With essential amenities like Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, and climate control, it’s a true home on wheels.

Powered by an impressive 824 amp hours of LiFePO4 batteries, our van keeps us fully charged during on-location shoots. It’s a game-changer for us, serving as the backbone for multiple use cases, including mobile video village, mobile post-production, VTR, and DIT operations. Our van not only supports our own productions but also seamlessly assists other projects. It’s the ultimate ally for extended drone days and shoots involving numerous company moves, such as documentaries.

Automotive van filming with DJI Ronin

For our founder, the van embodies the freedom to live on the road,

eliminating the need for flights, hotels, and other necessities when the situation demands it. In remote and off-the-beaten-path locations, our van steps up to the plate, ensuring our small crew is well-equipped with power, food, and more. With its 4X4 capability, we venture off-road and off-grid in pursuit of that perfect shot.

DJI Ronin 2 with RED DSMC2 Monstro and cinema lens

Often, we find ourselves carrying not just our drone equipment but also a full G&E package for interviews and additional support gear. Our van features a rear seat that can accommodate two additional passengers, bringing the total to four. On set, efficiency is key, and that’s why we never leave home without our INOVATIV cart. The van even includes a cargo ramp for a seamless cart-based workflow.

Our van isn't just another vehicle; it's the heart of our operations. It stands ready to support our dedicated crews and sets, no matter where the call of adventure takes us.

Equipped with ample monitors and wireless monitoring capabilities, our van transforms into a full-fledged video village and VTC setup, ensuring crucial eyes are on the shot from anywhere on set. And when the sun beats down on a scorching summer day, our fridge, stocked with crafty and cold water, comes to the rescue.

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Camera Cars & Chase Cars 101

Robo Collective Production Van Mercedes Sprinter

What is a camera car?

  • Camera cars are specially designed vehicles equipped with camera mounts and stabilization systems. They allow filmmakers to capture moving shots while maintaining camera stability.

  • These production vehicles come in various sizes and configurations, from compact cars to larger trucks or custom-built cars.

  • They are used to film scenes where a moving camera is required to follow or lead another vehicle or subject, creating dynamic and immersive visuals.

  • Camera cars often have adjustable camera platforms to accommodate different types of camera rigs and angles.
Chris Vanderschaaf partner for Robo Collective

Oregon based BAD ASS Chris Vanderschaaf

Ronin Crane video shoot BTS

What is a chase car?

  • Chase cars are typically used in action sequences or high-speed scenes where they follow the main vehicle or subject closely.

  • These vehicles are driven by skilled stunt drivers or precision drivers who can maintain the desired distance and speed for filming.

  • Chase cars may also have camera mounts to capture the action from various angles, providing more coverage and options in post-production.
Automotive hero car crane Ronin

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