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Who we are.

Robo Collective was founded in 2014 as Robo Aerial – Chicago’s premiere video drone production provider. Since then, we’ve spun around the world creating uniquely artful imagery building brands and sharing their stories. Now a full service creative marketing and production agency, we stand out with client and industry partners helping shape their own signature style.
It starts with our passion for partnership. Business is built on relationships. Who are you talking to? What do you want them to understand? Where are their heads and hearts when you reach out to them? We work hard and smart to understand this, and to best blend your image and messaging to connect with your customers in the most meaningful and lasting ways.
It continues with startling creative craft – both literally and figuratively. Stunning perspectives, attention-grabbing angles, jaw-dropping motion paths. We create unique and unexpected imagery that powerfully attracts, engages, and burns your brand bright into the hearts and minds of your audience.
We are an unconventional agency with attitude creating media and messaging to reel in and rivet your crowd. And we are committed to long and lasting client relationships. We truly partner in pursuit of your goals, and share in your enjoyment celebrating success!

We are Image Makers.

What we do

Video Production

We've got the gear, people, and expertise to run highly creative video shoots that capture amazing results and bring your brand's hidden potential right to the surface.

Post Production

Robo Collective has an amazing team of creatives that can transform raw video footage into visuals that tell a story, pack a punch, and grab attention (not to mention tons of views)

Drone Services

Robo Collective specializes in utilizing remotely piloted drones to capture an array of video content from the sky. From commercial real estate to 360 VR, we do it all.


Mashing our creative abilities together with our drive to deliver unique and impactful work, Robo Collective is all about grabbing the most exclusive shots and angles.

Digital Strategy

We can put your fresh new video content to work building revenue by planning and executing strategically planned social engagement campaigns that draw attention.

Content Marketing

The most successful brands build strong relationships with their audience through highly creative visual content and a story that people want to be a part of.

Who we do it for.

How we do it

We are storytellers

With over 10 years of experience crafting stories and marketing campaigns for all types of organizations, we know a thing or two. First and foremost, we’re storytellers. We know that at the heart of every engagement and conversion lies a human connection through storytelling. Each one of our projects begins by identifying your brands unique story.

Passionate Project Management

Delivering premium cinematic experiences doesn’t happen by accident. We take tremendous pride in the tight ship when run when it comes to planning a cinematic production. We undergo careful measures to ensure that your project is completed on-time, on-budget, and beyond your expectations.

Marketing Oriented Production

Many companies make videos, but that isn’t what we do. Robo Collective captures moments that tell stories, convey emotion, and speak to audiences. With an unorthodox and visionary approach to cinema production, our goal is to always bring our customers value through engaging shots and unique perspective.

Get a Perfect Outcome

After a successful shoot, we start the post-production process of editing your film. Working with an array of elite industry tools and techniques, Robo Collective consistently adds value to our clients film creations regardless of budget by looking for opportunities to think outside the box and drive cinematic innovation.

Engage & Convert

Robo Collective can not only create your film and cinematic content, we can help you strategically promote it as well. Film engages audiences better than any other form of content in existence. Having a great film is one thing, but strategically leveraging the appropriate mediums in order to promote it is another – and we’ve got you covered.

Sensational video content begins with amazing creative

Behind the Scenes
Wilky Black
Wilky Black
Owner - Hazen's Productions
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We hire Robo Aerial for all of our shooting needs in and around the Chicago area! We rely on good quality work and Robo Aerial matches our high standards. I would highly recommend hiring them when the need comes!
Joshua Kahn
Joshua Kahn
Senior Director/Producer - Uninterrupted
Read More
Christopher and Leslie are amazing to work with. I've utilized their services on an array of productions for the Chicago Bulls as well as independent projects. Top notch cinematographers that understand the ins and outs of flying drones in Chicago.
Emily Portugal
Emily Portugal
VP Business Development & Marketing - Edelman
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I had the pleasure of working with Robo Aerial a few weeks ago and had a really positive experience. The footage they got was beyond what I had hoped for - it really took my campaign to an entirely new level.
Dan Khy
Dan Khy
Visual Artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer - With One Line
Read More
Robo Aerial have the knowledge and professionalism that not a lot of drone operators have today. They know and abide by the rules and regulations. With that said, their vision and creativity superseded my expectations and I was super thrilled and pleased with the project they helped me produce.

Elevate Your Story

Elevate your Story