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The Aerial Wing of Robo Collective is the leading Chicago Drone Company providing creative video services. We were among the first in the air. We pioneered piloting heavy-lift state-of-the-art cinema and high resolution still photo cameras in Chicago.

We do it with signature creative style and inspired choreography. Our drones now fly across the US, and around the world, bringing stunning footage to commercial, corporate, and feature film production. Both outside and indoors.

From sweeping outdoor vistas to grand event, real estate, and architectural fly-abouts. And inside manufacturing, warehouse, office, and other facilities, we bring the edge and creative video services to build your brand.

Aerial drone video and still photo production is in our DNA. We’ve set the standard, raise the bar every day, and are ready to fly you where ever you need to go.

We are a collective of artists redefining visual storytelling and providing an array of creative video services.
On the ground, at sea, and in the sky.
With uniquely inspired visual perspective, instinctively skilled camera movement,
and the talent to tie your story all together.

Creative video services

Creative Video

Get crisp 4K ultra high-def video footage to promote your property, product or service with elegant visuals.



Bring your story together with brilliant and creative post-production that elevates your brand.


Get exclusive and unique shots from the air with our state-of-the-art drones and our talentetd pilots.


Capture stunning quality high-resolution shots of places, people, and events from unique and engaging angles.

Time Lapse

Capture stunning footage that showcases extreme details, unique perspective, and visual magic.

Real Estate

Make your listings stand out and build hype by marketing your properties with exclusive aerial shots and video.

360 Video VR

Grab beautiful panoramic views that immerse viewers in the moment. Perfect for real estate developers and builders.

VR Production

We produce thrilling and immersive videos from virtual tours, to Google street views, to virtual reality experiences.


We're creatives that love a good challenge. If you have unique content needs, we're the folks that can solve it.

Things we create

Brand Overviews

Capture the essence and spirit of your brand and what makes you — you.


Promotional Videos

Call attention to your product, brand, or service and make it memorable.


Evocative video that sends a message about your product or service.


Capturing the emotion and passion that people feel for your brand.

Corporate Video

Bring a human element to training and internal communication.

Product Video

Show every awesome gritty detail about your product or service.

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Social Media Shorts

Attention grabbing videos produced specifically for social media distribution.

VR Production

Immersive videos from virtual tours, to Google street views, to virtual reality.

Live Stream

Brilliant technology setups that catch the moment, in the moment.

Event Recap

Highlight reels that capture the magical moments and details.

Partnering with everyone


We help modern brands connect with their audience through creative visual storytelling.

Marketing Agencies

We’re the perfect partner for small and medium sized marketing agencies that need big creative help.

Real Estate Developers

Our drone services are perfect for real estate developers and agents to generate exclusivity and hype.

Production Companies

We’re a terrific asset to film producers that need to plan and execute highly productive video shoots.

Ad Agencies

We forge chic and sophisticated content for marketers that grab attention and stand out.


Capture one of a kind unique footage of your event with our elite drone services.

Real estate partners

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Who we support

Residential Real Estate

Robo Collective's drone operators capture spectacular footage of your home including high res photos and 4K video. Our unique shots from the sky an excellent way to showcase large properties, surrounding neighborhoods, and nearby attractions.

Architecture & Engineering

Our piloting skills are highly effective tool for mapping, inspecting, and surveying your project worksites. Using drones to collect analytical metrics and generate visual reports. We specialize in 3D renderings and models, as well as thermal imaging.

Commercial Real Estate

Our piloting and photography skills can give your listings an extra wow factor by capturing a unique perspective from above. We can produce a wide variety of visual content including high resolution photos, beautiful panoramic shots, and 4k video tours that show off every intricate detail.

Property Management

Our drone imagery can be an excellent tool for collecting insightful information that helps you monitor your properties and make decisions regarding them. Our high quality video and photography can help you forecast issues and plan property enhancements.

Only the finest tools

Tools of our craft



  • Alta 8 Drone for Chicago video production

    Alta 8

    The Alta 8 is our flagship drone. With a max payload of 20LBS it can lift most modern cinema cameras. The Red Monstro, Alexa Mini, Mini LF, & Sony Venice are no problem. Great for Big Budget features, commercials, or projects where the absolute best is non-negotiable.
    Mavic Drone for Chicago video production

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro

    We don't leave home without our Mavic it features a 1 inch CMOS sensor co-engineered by Hasselblad. 10bit DLog color profile, and 4K video. It's tiny size make it a blast to fly indoors, and easy to throw up in the air for cinematic B-Roll in any location.
    Komodo Drone for Chicago video production

    FPV Drone

    FPV Drones are all the rage right now. They come in all kind of shapes, and sizes. They have totally different flight characteristics than any other kind of drone in our fleet. They can fly at speeds of up to 100MPH, and fit through tiny openings, and spaces where traditional drones cannot. Want to get an idea of what our FPV drones can do?
    DJI Drone for Chicago video production

    Inspire 2 - X7

    The Inspire 2 from DJI is an industry standard. The X7 camera boasts a Super 35mm Sensor with resolution up to 6K RAW. It features 4 interchangeable lenses 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm at 14 stops of dynamic range, and 24 megapixels still images you can't go wrong.
    Drone for Chicago video production

    DJ Mavic 2 Zoom

    The Mavic zoom lets us get super creative with its 4X zoom including it's 2X optical zoom. We can get closer to the action, and get shots that don't have the classic "super wide" angle "Drone Look" 24mm-48mm Zoom gives us lots of creative options.

    More Coming Soon

    We're constantly adding new gadgets, do-dads, and gizmos to our arsenal of tools.
  • Red Gemini 5k camera for Chicago video production

    RED DSMC2 Gemini

    Our "A Camera" features a 35mm 5K sensor that's an absolute beast in low light situations. With its RAW workflow it's perfect for situations where we need lots of image flexibility in post-production. Its modular design helps us transition from sticks, or handheld configurations to Drone, or Gimbal seamlessly. With up to 16 stops of dynamic range, and dual native ISO it will be producing beautiful cinematic imagery for years to come

    Rayrig & Killshock

    The Ray Rig is a Lightweight hitch adapter designed to provide support for a vibration plate and gimbal. This adapter is ideal for quick use with vehicles that are equipped with a 2" hitch receiver in either the front or back (or both).The Kessler KillShock is used to remove camera vibration when shooting from vehicles like cars, boats, ATVs by isolating shock away from the camera via a set of shock modules.

    Rhino Arc II

    Our Rhino Devices help us move the camera in new, and exciting way's A 4-axis programmable motion control system that we use in both video, and time-lapse applications
    Video production gear camera mount

    Freefly Movi Pro

    Our gimbal of choice keeps the camera stabilized no matter what the configuration. It can be mounted on a Drone, Vehicle, Boat, Cable-Cam, or Jib; even hand-held just to name a few... Movi Pro can handle most of today's modern cinema cameras, and lenses (with full FIZ) and can be controlled remotely.
    Tero with camera for video production

    Freefly Tero

    Our Freefly Tero remote camera car system allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control to create never-before-seen shots. Paired with our Movi Pro it's a total badass for specialty production.

    Matterport Camera

    Our powerful 3D camera platform lets you turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin. Matterport's camera is an industry favorite, delivering high-quality 3D scans that produce stunning 3D tours. It's become a valuable tool for our real estate clients, whether commercial, industrial, or residential

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