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Welcome to The Robo Collective, where we excel in capturing breathtaking aerial photography and cinematography that not only encapsulates the essence of each project but also weaves a captivating narrative.

Equipped with cutting-edge drone technology and guided by a team of proficient drone pilots, we possess the expertise to capture striking visuals from distinctive vantage points. Whether utilizing Full Frame Cinema Cameras or the latest DJI and FPV drones, our capabilities ensure the creation of stunning imagery that elevates your project to new heights.

We get why going above and beyond expectations really matters.
Leveraging our extensive experience in drone services, state-of-the-art equipment, unmatched expertise, and a committed team, we assure the success of your project.
Blending video production expertise with agency services.
Our experience in storytelling and strategic marketing helps us relate to your audience and best utilize our drone tools to spark engagement with a creative vision.
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Drone Cinematography

Expert Pilots - Drones are in our DNA

We’re not just a company; we’re your potential new friends who are genuinely excited to learn more about your project.

Our roots are deeply intertwined with drone technology, dating back to our establishment as “Robo Aerial” in 2014. This was during a time when aerial drone cameras were still finding their wings, before regulations and widespread usage became the norm. We soared above other drone photographers with high resolution images and video content showcasing cityscapes and global brands. Our collection of Atlanta drone photography and aerial media is nearly comprehensive.

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Drone Services

What We Do

Who Do We Do it For

  • Drone Photography

    Robo's drone and aerial photography expertise encompasses architectural, landscape, destination, real estate, event, construction progress, news, public relations, and dynamic social media content. We help diverse brands showcase their products and services from captivating angles, delivering engaging visuals with aerial photos that resonate with audiences.

    Drone Videography

    The Robo Collective excels in aerial drone videography and cinematography. From feature films to documentaries, corporate projects to TV commercials, live broadcasts to destination marketing, we've collaborated with diverse brands big and small. With over a decade of experience, we bring creativity and professionalism to every project.

    Heavy Lift Cinema

    We specialize in flying heavy-lift drones equipped with cinema and sometimes even anamorphic lenses, Red, ARRI, and high-end medium format cameras like Phase One for feature films, VFX Plates, prominent union lead TV commercials, and shows. Our aerial expertise elevates storytelling with cinematic precision, capturing breathtaking shots that enhance the visual narrative of your projects.

    Location Scouting

    Our drone technology helps us to redefine location scouting for films, and various other creative endeavors. We capture rad aerial views, providing filmmakers, and other creatives with unique perspectives to make informed decisions. Drones enable us to explore and assess potential settings efficiently, enhancing the creative process and delivering unparalleled cinematic possibilities.


    FPV drones revolutionize filmmaking with their agile maneuverability in tight spaces. They offer dynamic, first-person view experiences for capturing thrilling one-takes, adding an immersive touch to films, TV shows, and branded content. From heart-pounding chase scenes to awe-inspiring travel footage, FPV drones redefine visual storytelling across a diverse range of creative video and cinema projects.

    Time & Hyperlapse

    Drones are our time-bending storytellers, capable of condensing hours, days, or even seasons into mesmerizing hyperlapse and time-lapse sequences. By capturing the passage of time from above, we unveil the world's subtle transformations, offering a cinematic glimpse into the unfolding narratives of landscapes, cities, and events. These captivating visual techniques lend versatility to storytelling, enhancing narratives in commercials, documentaries, and artistic projects, making time itself a compelling character in the tale.

  • Feature Films

    Drone work revolutionizes feature filmmaking, offering dynamic aerial shots and unique perspectives, enriching storytelling and cinematography. They enhance visual storytelling with flexibility and creativity.

    Tv Commercials

    In TV commercials, drones inject creativity and versatility, capturing stunning aerial shots that set brands apart. They elevate storytelling, making ads more engaging and memorable.

    Branded Content

    Cinematic drone services add a captivating dimension to branded content by capturing breathtaking aerial views. They enhance the storytelling, making branded content more immersive and visually striking.

    Event Marketing

    For event marketing, drones bring excitement and engagement. They capture dynamic aerial perspectives of events, creating compelling content that promotes and enhances the overall event experience.

    Documentary Film-Making

    Aerial drones offer unparalleled perspectives in documentary filmmaking. They capture immersive aerial footage, enriching storytelling by providing unique angles and enhancing the overall impact and authenticity of the narrative.

    Social Media

    Drones transform social media content from destination marketing to showcasing products or services. They provide captivating aerial visuals, boosting engagement and making content more shareable and memorable across diverse platforms.

Elevate Your Marketing

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Capture your brand

Elevate your perspective with our cutting-edge drone solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking to capture breathtaking aerial footage for events, real estate, or marketing, or need efficient surveying and mapping services, we’ve got you covered.

Experience A New Point of View

Show off your interiors from a new perspective! Elevate your visual storytelling with our cutting-edge FPV drones. At The Robo Collective, we specialize in capturing immersive and dynamic footage that takes your content to new heights – literally.

Flying High in Georgia

Our experienced team of licensed drone pilots ensures compliance with all regulations, prioritizing safety and professionalism. Navigate the unique charm of Atlanta from the skies and showcase your projects with stunning visual content. We offer a range of services, including aerial photography, videography, editing, and sound design.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency of drone technology for inspections, monitoring, and data collection. We take pride in delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations, all while providing a hassle-free and affordable experience. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of aerial perspectives and elevate your projects to new heights in the heart of Georgia.

Why we LOVE working in Atlanta

Atlanta is a metropolis teeming with dynamic energy and Southern hospitality, captivating visitors with its stunning skyline and diverse cultural offerings. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Georgia, Atlanta stands as a beacon of progress and tradition, a city where history intertwines seamlessly with modern innovation.

The skyline of Atlanta is a testament to its vibrant spirit, adorned with sleek skyscrapers that reflect the city’s ambition and determination. Towering glass structures mingle with historic landmarks, creating a captivating panorama that evolves with the passage of time. From the iconic Bank of America Plaza to the majestic silhouette of the Georgia State Capitol, each building tells a story of Atlanta’s growth and prosperity.

Exploring Atlanta’s neighborhoods is a sensory delight, with each district boasting its own distinct character and charm. In Midtown, the bustling streets are alive with the sounds of laughter and music, as locals and visitors alike revel in the city’s thriving arts scene. Historic neighborhoods like Grant Park and Inman Park enchant with their tree-lined streets and beautifully preserved architecture, offering a glimpse into Atlanta’s storied past.

But it’s not just the architecture that makes Atlanta special; it’s the people and their vibrant culture that truly bring the city to life. From the lively beats of hip-hop echoing through the streets to the tantalizing aroma of Southern cuisine wafting from bustling markets and eateries, Atlanta is a melting pot of flavors and traditions. The city’s diverse population infuses every corner with a sense of vitality and warmth, welcoming all who venture here with open arms.

As the sun sets over the horizon, the Atlanta skyline transforms into a mesmerizing tableau of light and shadow. The glimmering skyscrapers cast long shadows across the cityscape, while the warm hues of dusk paint the sky in shades of orange and purple. It’s a sight to behold, a moment of quiet beauty amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In Atlanta, the past and the present converge in a harmonious dance, creating a city that is both timeless and ever-evolving. From its storied history to its vibrant culture, Atlanta is a place where dreams take flight and memories are made. And as the city continues to grow and change, its skyline stands as a testament to its enduring spirit and boundless potential.

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