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We're a collective team of creatives, tech nerds, and creative video gurus.

Picture of Team at the Robo CollectiveAt The Robo Collective, we don’t just offer exceptional video production services – we also provide expert content marketer and digital strategy services to help your brand succeed in the digital landscape.

Our content marketer services are designed to help you connect with your target audience through engaging, high-quality content. From blog posts and articles to infographics and videos, we can help you create content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic to your website.

Our digital strategy services are focused on helping you develop a comprehensive strategy to grow your brand online. We’ll work with you to identify your goals, target audience, and key performance indicators, and then develop a strategy to help you achieve your objectives.

We also offer social media content marketer services to help you connect with your audience on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. Our team can help you develop a social media strategy, create engaging content, and manage your social media accounts to help you build a loyal following and drive engagement.

At The Robo Collective we believe that great video content is just one piece of the puzzle. By combining our video production services with our content marketer services, digital strategy, and social media marketing services, we can help you achieve your marketing objectives and grow your brand online.

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Camera Operator for the Chicago Video & Post Production company The Robo Collective

Creative Video Mindset

It’s no mistake that Robo Collective has become the creative video production house that small and medium sized marketing agencies trust the most. 

Throughout the last 10 years Robo Collective has set the bar for what it means to be a partner. We view ourselves as an extension of every team or group that we work with, and the results speak for themselves.

Creative Video Gear

We’ve got the gear, people, and expertise to run highly creative video shoots that capture amazing results and dig out your brands hidden potential.

Creative Video Vision

We take everything we capture and transform it into professionally developed creative video content ready to be the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. 

Meet the Team

Christopher Morison, creative video producer

Christopher Morrison

Founder | Managing Director

Since 2014 Christopher has managed/created over 1.7 million dollars of Media Projects for brands, organizations, and individuals around the world. Christopher specializes in: Business Development, Photography & Video Production + Post Production  marketing & brand story-telling. His hobbies include: cycling, travel, music, adventuring, fashion, thrifting, hanging with his wife Leslie & their 3 dogs Freddie, Carol & Eleanor. Christopher has always been “that debonair bohemian dude” with a penchant for the eccentric.

Jason, tech lead for Robo Collective, a creative video agency

Jason Rolf

Head of Post-Production

Jason joined Robo Collective in 2017 after graduating from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. The Valedictorian of his graduating class Jason has been instrumental in the growth, and projects here at Robo Collective. Jason’s core responsibilities are transforming raw media content into its final form. Talents including but not limited to: video editing, photo editing/retouching, color grading/correcting, VFX, compositing, after effects, sound design & more.

Leslie, operations manager for Robo Collective, a creative video agency

Leslie Morrison

Director of Operational Excellence

Leslie keeps the business alive by keeping the administrative, financial, and organizational aspects of operations in check. She’s pretty important around here because YOU KNOW ARTISTS… can be messy, & forgetful, among other things! She keeps all of us in line, ensures the client’s pay, and vendors get paid! Not to mention the plants get watered! Leslie really loves DOGS, volunteering at the local animal shelter, going on adventures, traveling, spicy chicken sandwiches, and did we mention DOGS especially her 3! Eleanor, Freddie, and Carol.

Craig Shimala

Creative Director | Influencer | Content Wizard

Craig Shimala, a Chicago native and the creative force behind @cshimala & @timelapsechicago, has a unique talent for turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. He seamlessly blends technical expertise with an artist’s vision to capture the true essence of brands, and places.

Starting at Threadless in 2004, Craig’s journey included various roles, eventually becoming Creative Director.

His passion projects,  showcase  vibrancy & stunning visuals.

From a family video rental business in Crown Point, Indiana, to creating mesmerizing content, Craig’s artistic journey is a testament to his enduring dedication.

He consistently pushes the boundaries with his time-lapse videos, experimenting with day-to-night lapses and motion control sequences.

Craig’s artistry, dedication, and a keen eye for capturing  beauty in every shot make his work stand out.

His ultimate goal is to share the magic of Chicago, inspire joy, and show that beauty can be found in the everyday.

Craig Shimala’s creative vision brings color, playfulness, and enchantment to our world.

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