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In the wake of Adobe’s unexpected decision to discontinue Creative Cloud Synced Files, many subscribers are now searching for alternative solutions that don’t require a significant financial commitment. Here is our recommendation for an alternative platform.

Adobe Creative Cloud File Sync is Official Over

Last December, many people in the industry were caught off guard by a notification within Creative Cloud, revealing the company’s decision to discontinue support for their cloud-based synced files platform starting February 1, 2024 for personal accounts, and October 1, 2024 for business account users.

Despite experiencing several price hikes throughout the years and numerous workflows adapting to maximize Adobe’s cloud storage, creative cloud users are now required to swiftly transition to an alternative service.

This abrupt change poses a challenge for those who have come to rely on the platform, particularly during lockdowns when cloud storage became increasingly essential.

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Remote Editors are NOT Happy

Personally, I found Adobe’s Cloud File Sync to be an invaluable safety net for safeguarding project files, autosaves, and smaller documents.

Having faced multiple hard-drive failures and workstation malfunctions over the years, having a seamlessly synchronized and consistently updated repository of essential project files, which nearly span a full decade, has become crucial for preserving valuable work.

After experimenting with various services, I ultimately settled on Dropbox Backup as my preferred alternative.


Similar to the Adobe Creative Cloud File Sync feature, Dropbox Backup is a service designed to safeguard specific folders on a local device by periodically uploading and synchronizing them with the cloud at intervals chosen by the user.

Utilizing the service is remarkably user-friendly, as it seamlessly activates upon startup through the Dropbox app. This functionality closely mirrors Adobe Creative Cloud.

A Quick Set-Up Guide

In the Dropbox desktop application, follow these steps:

  • Locate and click on the Dropbox icon in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac).
  • Navigate to your initials in the upper right corner of the displayed window.
  • Select “Preferences” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the “Backups” tab.
  • Choose either “Set up” or “Manage backups” based on your preferences.
Dropbox Backup screen for File Syncing
Protect Your Files for Peace of Mind

Choose the specific computer files and folders you wish to safeguard by backing them up to the cloud. Any modifications made to your files and folders on the computer will be mirrored in your Dropbox Backup.

Utilizing Dropbox Backup enables you to seamlessly recover your archived files and folders onto a different computer. The restoration process offers two convenient options: you can opt to retrieve your backup in the form of a .zip file or download all your files and folders manually, restoring them to their original locations on the new computer.



Thankfully, even in 2024, your Creative Cloud files folder will still remain in your local computer’s directory. The discontinuation will just disable syncing with your creative cloud libraries on all Adobe Apps.  The CC website has a full breakdown of what exactly this change will entail.

Unless Adobe reconsiders and shifts its focus away from promoting their other services such as, Dropbox Backup is currently the most viable alternative available for seamless interval cloud backups of your project files and related data. Hopefully the trend of Adobe dropping existing services to save on costs will end here (unless the company decides to lower the monthly fee, which is unlikely).

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